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We are now in the 21st Century and at Aquamassage Ltd we felt that the stresses of modern living has brought about a need for further development and flexibility in the use of massage as a general therapy. With this in mind we have devised a unique and exciting range of massage training courses, which are fully accredited for use in the health and beauty industry and addresses all age groups.

One of the innovative tools we use in Aquamassage is a warm water therapy cushion. The client lies face up, (supine); muscles instantly relax feeling the warm water supporting their body. Our therapists are trained to use these therapy cushions with or without oil and the client can be clothed or unclothed. Another unique development is how we have combined stretch exercises with more traditional massage techniques.

Aquamassage Ltd has opened up the opportunity for Aquamassage to be beneficial in a variety of contexts: within commercial context catering for the needs of, for example, people with problems caused by continual use of computers; within health and wellbeing contexts as, for example, a tool for personal trainers, and within the beauty industry, providing a comfort cushion for many treatments.

Our revolutionary non-oiled fully clothed stretch technique work has become highly successful as an on-site treatment for companies. It has been used successfully for health and wellbeing days, exhibitions and Corporate Events.

Another significant development is that Aquamassage therapists now work alongside physiotherapists and work with Parkinson Disease patients. This successful partnership has shown positive results when dealing with many of the muscular problems caused by this disease and the side effects of the medication.

The Aquamassage team has recently started to work with NHS professionals in training their pre and postnatal staff in pregnancy massage and baby and infant massage.