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Product Description
Aquamassage Therapy Cushions are filled from the hot tap with approximately 5/6 litres of water to between 30/45 degrees centigrade. The cushions will maintain their heat for around 2 hours before they need reheating. Laying on the cushions face up means the back is supported and the warm water allows the muscles to relax. You experience the sensation of floating.

Cushion dimensions 62 x 75 cm , temperature monitor range is between 30-60 degrees

Each cushion has a 6-month guarantee.

Price per cushion: £75.00 inclusive of VAT

Click here for instructions on how to fill the therapy cushion.

Aquamassage Therapy Cushions have been designed for multipurpose use:

  • At home as a comfort cushion to rest and relax your back. Its design will support and heat the back muscles.
  • To be used by massage therapists, enabling them to perform a massage with the client lying face up and not having to turn over.
  • Beauty therapists can use the cushions for facials and other treatments as a comfort cushion so their clients stay warm and relaxed.
  • Pregnant mums can use the cushions to help relieve some of the muscular aches and pains caused by pregnancy.
  • New Mums can use the cushions to give their babies massage. Babies can exercise on them; the water stops the baby’s head from being flat on the floor. You can even place their play matts on top of the cushions.
  • The cushions can be filled with warm or cold water.
  • If your bed ridden, the heated cushion can be slid under your back to relief the pressure on the back and allow some gentle movement and helping to prevent bed sores
  • By the elderly who find the heat and comfort from the cushions beneficial in easing muscle spasm.
  • Therapy cushions should not be cleaned with an alcohol-based cleaner. use an anti-bacterial spray. If using the cushion for massage treatment, do not use mineral oil.