How to fill an Aquamassage Therapy Cushion

Remove the cap and the insert. You can prod the insert through the cushion to remove it. Run the hot water tap first, so the water is running hot. Turn the tap off. Place the cushion in the sink. Place the nozzle under the tap. Turn the hot tap on.

After about 10 seconds turn the tap off, put your index finger inside the nozzle and lift the nozzle out. The nozzle has been designed to lift out when it is warm, to make filling and air removal easier.

Turn the tap on and continue filling. If you are using a mixer tap, you can adjust both taps so you have the required temperature. If they are single taps, keep an eye on the temperature gauge or place your hands on the cushion to feel the temperature. Always add hot water first and then add the cold, never the other way round.

It takes approximately 8 Litres of water to fill the cushion, about 30% full.

Once you are happy that the cushion is ready, turn off the tap, and screw the cap on the nozzle, DO NOT PLACE INSERT IN AT THIS STAGE. Wipe the cushion with towel or kitchen roll to remove any water spilt. Place the cushion on flat surface with the cap upwards.

Remove the cap. Hold onto the nozzle with thumb and index finger of one hand, with the other hand use the forearm and gently sweep the air towards the nozzle. As you do this raise the nozzle just a little, this will help the air escape easier.

Replace the insert and screw the cap on. Now press the nozzle downwards, you have to squeeze and tease it. The nozzle should now be sunk into the cushion.

Now turn the cushion over so that the cap is downwards. It is now ready for use.

To empty the cushion, carry the cushion to the sink. Remove the cap and insert and allow the water to drain out. Once empty fold the cushion.