Aquamassage Ltd Corporate and Wellbeing Days

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Since the mid 1980’s on-site massage has been dominated by the acupressure chair massage, 1000’s of companies have been set up providing this service. Over 30 years on, it’s still the same, until now.

Our unique
fully clothed, non-oiled treatment combines relaxation, deep tissue massage and stretch techniques, whilst the body is supported on our Aquamassage Therapy Cushions. The treatment focuses on each client’s particular needs. Instead of Chakras and energy flows, we work on muscle tension and muscle memory, which helps postural correction, eases stress and aids relaxation.

Poor muscle memory = poor posture, we can help you help yourself

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How it Works

The Aquamassage Therapy Cushions are placed on a slightly wider than average massage couch. They are filled with warm water heated between 35-45 degrees. The employee lies face up on the cushions. The therapist slides their hands between the employee’s body and the cushion’s. This means the therapist’s pressure is upwards rather than downwards and so works against the employee’s body weight. The water supports the body and the heat from the water enables tight muscles to relax before the treatment even begins

Why it Works

“Improvement in range of motion”
“Reduction of pain”

These are comments from Physiotherapists who have used the Aquamassage therapy cushions.

Sitting at a desk or workstation for a long period of time can encourage a slight Kyphosis, (forward rotation of the head, neck, and shoulders). Whilst face up on the Aquamassage Therapy Cushions the therapist can easily rotate the shoulders into a neutral position, relax the head and neck muscles and relieve tension in the lumbar spine. The therapists can then give specific advice to the employee to help prevent future problems.