Stones Aquamassage Corporate Activities

Our Aims

To provide a professional service.
To treat each client as an individual, and tailor the treatment to his or her needs.
To offer value for money.
To Provide an aftercare package for each employee.

As with all health problems, prevention is better than cure, so we inform all our client’s about how to achieve long-term health and understanding, avoid physical injury and maintain their health in the future.

Benefits for your Company

Helps to reduce absence from work due to stress-related conditions.
Demonstrates your commitment to staff health and wellbeing.
Increases staff morale and motivation helping to improve productivity

We can provide daily, weekly or monthly on-site treatments for your company from as little as £9.52 per treatment. We are also available for:

Exhibitions; VIP Guest Areas; Team Building

Conferences; Health and Wellbeing Days ; Corporate Days.

Some of our Corporate Clients are:
Rconsult Ltd; MJH Properties; Amplicon; HTS Supplies; East Sussex County Council; West Sussex County Council AMI Electrical Services; International Creative Industries Alliance; Spritivity WorldWide Ltd

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