On-Site Treatment Non-Oiled Stretch Therapy Course
Ons 1

This course is suitable for Fitness instructors and beauty and holistic therapists who wish to work in the health and wellbeing industry.

Course Details
Trainee therapists will learn how to fill up the water cushions, set up the treatment couch and perform an on site treatment. Each trainee will receive a training manual. The on-site treatment training will be broken down into sections; filling of the cushions, observation, leg treatment, back and neck treatment, emptying the cushions.

Course Duration
The Course consists of 1 days training.

Practical Work
The trainee must complete each section of the training to the trainer’s satisfaction.

The assessment will consist of a practical test, with the trainee therapists performing a treatment on the trainer. The trainee therapists must show competent skills in setting up the equipment and proficient on site treatment techniques.


Once the trainee has completed the training and assessment, the trainer will inform Aquamassage Academy that they completed the course. A Aquamassage Ltd Certificate will then be authorized to the successful trainee.

Price inclusive of VAT
Student numbers 6 – 18
Cost per student £90.
Minimum number of students 6.